Ealing Single Concept Films

Super 8mm film loops approximately 10 minutes each.
This is old technology but some of the works are very good.
These are about 10 minutes each.



Coupled Oscillators - Equal Masses

  Edge Effects

Scattering In One Dimension

Scattering In One Dimension Square Wells


Scattering In One Dimension Barriers


Scattering In One Dimension Momentum Space


The Force On A Current


Resolving Power

  Single Slit

Interference Of Waves


Diffraction Double Slit


Rutherford Scattering


Absorption Spectra


Michelson Interferometer


Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse


Ferromagnetic Domain Wall Motion


Paramagnetism of Liquid Oxygen


The Center of Mass


Doppler Effect


Bragg Reflection of Waves


Free Wave Packets


Particle in a Box


A Matter of Relative Motion


Radioactive Decay


Scintillation Spectrometry




Maxwellian Speed Distribution


The Cavendish Experiment


The Photoelectric Effect

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