Astronomy Picture of the Day Index : White Dwarf

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Phi Persei: Double Star
White Dwarf Stars Cool
T Pyxidis: Recurrent Nova
MyCn18: An Hourglass Nebula
IP Pegasi: Spiral Star
Resolving Mira
NGC 3242: The 'Ghost of Jupiter' Planetary Nebula
Star Wars in NGC 664
Shapley 1: An Annular Planetary Nebula
Nebula Nova Cygni Turns On
Cocoon of a New White Dwarf
Sirius: The Brightest Star in the Night
MyCn18: An Hourglass Nebula
NGC 7027: A Dying Star's Nebula
Symbiotic Star System R Aquarii
NGC 4361: Galaxy Shaped Planetary Nebula
Nova Cygni 1992
Shapley 1: An Annular Planetary Nebula
NGC 2440 Nucleus: The Hottest
White Dwarfs Cool
M57: The Ring Nebula
The Firework Nebula

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