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Towards a Continuous Record of the Sky; II. A Passive Half-Sky Observatory is the second paper in the Continuous Sky Record series. It discusses limits on Fisheye observing and describes the KPNO CONCAM in some detail. It is not yet complete but should be submitted to PASP before the end of 2000 August.
Figures 3-5 of this paper in .jpg format are here: Fig. 3, Fig. 4, Fig. 5.

Very *very* preliminary FORTRAN programs that process CONCAM data.

For general science review here is an early preprint of "Tile or Stare" in postscript and PDF.
(The PDF looks a lot better printed out than it does on my screen.)

The final powerpoint version of my Great Lakes Cosmology Workshop talk: Gamma Ray Burst Limits on Cosmological Dark Matter. The mpeg movie is here: mk_movie.mpg.

A PDF version of the Nashville AAS press release about Astronomers Now Monitor Most of Night Sky" (CONCAM + TASCA) can be found here: aas03press.pdf. A powerpoint version of the poster can be found here: mostsky_aas_0306.ppt.

The powerpoint version of my "Save The Sky" talk can be found here for the IAS Princeton: SaveTheSky.ppt
for Columbia NY: SaveTheSky_Columbia.ppt

Powerpoint versions of my four Santa Fe GRB talks can be found here: grb0309_lens.ppt, grb0309_concam.ppt, grb0309_TvS.ppt, and grb0309_millilens.ppt.

Powerpoint presentation of CONCAM3's abilities including preliminary all-sky emissivity and opacity maps can be found here: case4concam3.ppt.

Powerpoint presentations about APOD can be found here: aas0201_apod.ppt, apod_aas0101.ppt, apod_presentation_jtb.ppt.

Powerpoint presentation for the Michigan Tech Library can be found here: mars_library.ppt.

Powerpoint presentation "Best Images" at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC can be found here: BestNASA_amnh.ppt.

Powerpoint presentation for Atlanta January AAS on Best Astronomy Images of 2003 can be found here: top2003_aas.ppt.

Powerpoint poster for Atlanta January 04 AAS on Night Sky Live (CONCAM) Opacity and Skyglow Maps can be found here: NSLopacity_aas04.ppt.

Powerpoint for Denver Museum of Science Talk in June 2004: top2004_denver.ppt .

PDF version of our "Decaying Higgs Fields and Cosmological Dark Energy" is here:

Powerpoint NSL talk for Remote Sensing Class at MTU on 2004 Nov 8 is here: nsl_rsi0411.ppt.

Powerpoint talk on NSL education at San Diego AAS January 2005 is here: nsl_aas0501.ppt.

Powerpoint poster on Polaris in NSL data at San Diego AAS January 2005 is here: polaris_aas0501.ppt.

Powerpoint talk in January at AMNH NY (preliminary) is here: bestapod2004_amnh.ppt

Powerpoint talk at Minneapolis AAS meeting on Gravity Magnifying Gravity is here: aas0506_glg.ppt .

Powerpoint talk on GRBs at U. Mich Dearborn: dearbornGRBs.ppt .

Powerpoint poster additions on Gravity lensing gravity at AAS Jan 2006: hollows_aas0601.ppt .

Preliminary PDF version of gravity essay to be submitted (hopefully) on April 1, 2006: gravitywysiwyg.pdf .



Transient paper stuff:

AAS0601 OT poster
AAS0601 Ultralight poster

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