PH1600 Introductory Astronomy ... (2-0-0) f ... 2 Cr

Course Description:
Fundamentals of astronomy are introduced. Topics to be covered include Kepler's and Newton's laws of motion, origin and evolution of the Solar System, Galactic astronomy, extra-galactic astronomy, cosmology, and modern instrumentation, including space-based astronomy.

Prerequisite: none

This course is a prerequisite for: PH4610 and PH4620.

Text (Fall, 2004 and continuing):

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Course Rationale:
A large part of public exposure and understanding of science comes through astronomy. This is partly because we live in an era when humanity is exploring the Solar System and mapping the universe. Students might therefore desire a background through which to better understand this era. Astronomy is one of the few courses that a physics department can offer that has broad appeal as an elective.