PH4620 Galactic Astrophysics ... (3-0-0) s (every 3rd year) ... 3 Cr

Next probable offering Spring 2010.

Course Description:
Topics to be covered include the composition and dynamics of our Galaxy, dynamics of stellar encounters, spiral density wave theory, clusters of galaxies, theoretical cosmology, physics of the early universe, and observational cosmology.

Prerequisites: PH1600; PH2400; (MA3520 or MA3521 or MA3530 or MA3560)

Text (Spring 2005):

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Course Rationale:
Students desiring a deeper physical understanding of our Galaxy and the universe than can be provided in Introductory Astronomy might choose to take this course as one of their physics electives. The inherent interest of some potential physics students in astrophysics might even encourage them to major or minor in physics at Michigan Tech.