Super Loki Dart

The Dart (minus tail fin section) is shown to Kingsford High School Students during their visit to MTU.

Dart Image 3
A small hole in the side is provided to allow battery charging, and to start the payload. The heat generated during lauch causes the a blow-torch like stream of air through this hole. Care needs to be taken when placing critical payload components near this hole.
Dart Image 2
An explosive charge pushes a piston at the bottom to eject the entire contents of the dart at peak altitude. The explosive charge is on a 2 minute timer fuse ignited just before launch. The explosive charge is part of the tail fin assembly which screws into the bottom of the dart.
Dart Image 1
The payload and parachute are held between two half cylinders called staves. Here the staves are shown partly extended out of the tube. On ejection, the staves are radiply expelled from the tube and split apart due to the rapid spinning motion of the dart, releasing the payload and parachute.

Schematic of Dart
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