New Lecture Demonstration Developments

LAST MODIFIED 10/21/2003

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Sound Resonance and Standing Waves in a wine glass (The Ella Fitzgerald Demo), (M. Seel)
The Osheroff Effect (Eddy Current Demo), (B. Weidman)
Ladder against a wall, (J. Hester)
Spherical magnet in Aluminum angle iron (Eddy Current Demo), (B. Weidman)
Electric Fields Due to various Electrode Configuratios, (B. Weidman)
Magnetic Can Crusher, (B. Weidman)
Vortex Rings, (J. Hester)
Gauss Gun, (B. Suits),
Non-Newtonian Fluid (Silly Putty), (J. Hester)
Hoberman Sphere: Conservation of Angular Momentum, (G. Agin)
Hover Puck, (J. Hester)
Electrostatic Motor, (J. Hester)