About the 100th Anniversary Debate

This 100th Anniversary debate has been organized by the same people who have written and edited the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD, main NASA site: https://apod.nasa.gov/) since 1995. This is NOT the first astronomy debate they have organized commemorating the 1920 Great Debate between Shapley and Curtis -- there have been three others. All of their other debates were in the 1990s, though. The first of which, the 75th Anniversary debate, occurred in 1995 -- about two months before they created the first APOD. For those keeping score, on 2020 April 26, the count was APODs: 9078, Debates: 4. The organizers expect this to be the last debate that they organize, but when the last APOD will appear -- that they write or edit -- they don't yet know.

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