NASA logo, 100th debate logo, Jessie Cristiansen; 
Deputy Science Lead: NASA Exoplanet Archive (Caltech/IPAC); 
Research Scientist: NASA Exoplanet Science Institute;
Ph D.: Astronomy: University of New South Wales

How will humanity first discover ET Life?
Best guess: Biosignatures
Most rocky, temperate real estate in our Galaxy seems to be around M dwarfs
If those worlds are habitable, JWST could detect biosignatures in the next decade
If these worlds are not habitable, 
HabEx/LUVOIR may detect biosignatures in more distant exoplanets in the next 2-3 decades

Image and Video Attributions
Video 1: SYSTEM Sounds (M. Russo, A. Santaguida); Data: NASA Exoplanet Archive
Video 2: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Video 3: NASA/GSFC and Northrup Grumman
Video 4: NASA/GSFC Conceptual Image Lab

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