James L. Green
Chief Scientist: NASA (from 2018)
Director, Planetary Science Division: NASA HQ (2006-2018)
Missions led as PSD Director: (include) New Horizons, 
Ph D.: Space Physics: University of Iowa 
Author: Over 100 refereed planetary science papers
Podcast: Gravity Assist (https://www.nasa.gov/gravityassist)

How will humanity first discover ET Life?Best guess: Biosignatures (Solar System)
Life will be found in the Solar System before on distant exoplanets
Where in the Solar System?
Curiosity Rover: Has already found the major chemical building blocks of life, including oxygen and complex organic molecules
Perseverance Rover: Scheduled to land in February 2021, will continue search for biosignatures

Where in the Solar System?
Mars (continued) 
Atmosphere: Oxygen & methane exist, possibly being emitted by life
Rosalind Franklin Rover (ESA): May find evidence for life by the mid-2020s.
Ocean Moons: Europa (Jupiter) & Enceladus (Saturn) 
Vast quantities of water underneath ice shells
Might house deep hydrothermal vents, teeming with life if Earth vents
Europa Clipper (NASA): May find microbes by flying through jets spewing through surface cracks  all before the end of the 2020s
Life different than Earth -- may use liquid methane like water
Dragonfly (NASA): may find evidence for life scouted by flying -- within the next two decades

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