Former Ph D. Students of Robert Nemiroff

Last update: 2022 Jan.

First, if you are looking for a Ph D. advisor, please note that ANY astrophysics student is likely to have trouble gaining a stable academic position in astrophysics in the near future. This is true at Michigan Tech and just about any other school in the world.

Even so, I am proud of the students who have gained their Ph D. with me, and I note that they have done reasonably well after graduating. What follows is a list. It is not uncommon to note that in some ways, graduate students are the like children to their advisor, and I feel no differently. I am in relatively frequent contact -- exchanging at least a few emails a year -- with all of my former Ph D. students with the current exception of the second person listed (and no bad blood there either). During 2010 for example, more by good fortune than design, I happened to meet up with almost all of them to discuss science and their careers. They are all welcome at my house at any time. They are:

Thulsi Wickramasinghe, Ph D. 1994, current position: The College of New Jersey, Professor

Gabriela Marani, Ph D. 1998; current position: Mitre Corporation, Lead Engineer

Wellesley Pereira, Ph D. 2003; current position: Air Force Research Laboratory: Research Physical Scientist

Lior Shamir, Ph D. 2006; current position: Lawrence Technological University; Assistant Professor

Bijunath Patla, Ph D. 2008; current position: Harvard University; Postdoctoral Fellow

Amir Shahmoradi, Ph D. 2015 (U. Texas Austin); current position: Assistant Professor, U. Texas Arlington

Teresa Wilson, Ph D. 2018; current position: Operations Research Analyst, Warfare Analysis Center

Matipon Tangmatitham, Ph D. 2019; current position: Science & Outreach, NARIT (Thailand)