WI Rockets for Schools 1996
May 4, 1996, Sheboygan, WI

Payload Description

1996 Payload Components
1996 Telemetry Information
1996 Rocket Payload Team

A brief article describing the Super-Loki payload appears in "QST", Feb 1997, page 63.

Rocket Images

First Sequence:
Shows rapid rotation of view from Sun to Ground (every other frame shown, 1/15th of a sec apart).

Second Sequence:
Shows a slower rotation with clouds and shore. (each frame shown, 1/30th sec apart).

Third Sequence:
Shows shoreline near Sheboygan Launch site (each frame shown, 1/30th sec apart).

Wi Map and constrast enhanced image of shoreline


What is Amateur Radio?

"I thought you had the screws..."

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