MI/WI Rockets for Schools 1998

15 & 16 May, 1998
Sheboygan, WI

Details of the event:
Super Loki Payloads and Results

Mission Control

Students manned approximately one dozen networked computers inside the Sheboygan Armory. With each launch, a "go" was required from each critical station. Three projection TV's were used to display the goings-on. Thanks go to Pulse Communications personnel for help with the video.

Loki Launch

The first of the two successful Super Loki Launches carried the telemetry payload to an altitude of over 30 miles.


Students (with the help of the Coast Guard) recovered the high-powered rockets from the water and returned them to shore.


Student teams built and launched these high-powered rockets built largely from kits.

Photos by Ken Walsh ( (c) 1998, used with permission )

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