Spaceport Sheboygan - RFS Event May 2002

Pictures from this year's event

Sheboygan Armory Sheboygan Armory
Student Team Registration Registration
Posing for the Team Picture
Posing for the Team Picture
Setting up displays
Setting up displays

Ed Rice of Orbitec
Ed Rice of Orbitec Corp. gave a presentation about new rocket engine desings.

Astronaut Frank Culbertson's
Astronaut Capt. Frank Culbertson (USN, ret) gave a presentation about his
recent mission aboard the international space station.

Inspecting Rockets
Tripoli volunteers thoroughly inspected each of the student-built rockets.

student-built rockets
36 student-built rockets were flown

Students watch live TV from the weather 
Mission control - inside where it
 was warm
Mission Control (inside the armory)

Coast Guard Boats - outside where it was cold
Some of the many booths and displays
Student Rocket Launch Student Rocket Launch Tripoli Special Event Rocket launched
under the watchful eye of WI Lt Gov Farrow.

Photos copyright 2002, MTU Physics Department

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